Digital Transformation Advisors


The digital universe has been growing rapidly over the past 20 years – with a good number of Fortune 500 companies predominantly offering digital products or services.

This led to the slow transition of traditional businesses to the web in various disciplines:

  • Moving in-house systems to the cloud
  • Deploying modern CRMs, ERPs, marketing automation solutions
  • Modernizing hiring with application tracking systems and innovative processes
  • Digitalizing services and solutions previously offered offline
  • Building eCommerce solutions where applicable
  • Transferring on-site onboarding and training processes to online training platforms
  • Coaching and mentorship sessions with different groups of employees on the new technical suites (and other concepts around data privacy or personal security)

Digital transformation advisors excel in these areas and help businesses transition to the modern web with minimal friction in the process.

They often operate alongside marketing teams to allow for a seamless process without interfering with existing operations in the works. Especially in the context of traditional offline marketing, offers are being transferred in their digital equivalent, including the adoption of tracking systems like Google Analytics, advertising solutions from Facebook, Google, Taboola/Outbrain, or even Instagram, marketing automation suites (and more).

As online visibility has become a selection standard for most millennials and Generation Z consumers, digital transformation advisors have been extremely helpful in attracting young talent and in making sure that the company shows progress in adopting the latest tech and industry-grade standards for the web.