IT Advisors


IT advisors are a separate branch of consultants that profile in one or more of the following areas:

  • Infrastructure development
  • Hardware systems
  • Networking
  • Software engineering
  • Web development
  • Building and/or scaling development teams
  • Product development
  • Compliance (for banks, governments, and companies working with security agencies)

IT advisors are often former CTOs or VPs of technology who transitioned to consulting, enjoying the variety of working with multiple clients at a time.

Some of them profile in a specific area of work – such as facilitating the preselection and recruitment process of technical teams or facilitating a company to outsource a complex product (by contracting the right agency).

ISPs or SaaS companies that are eager to migrate to a large cloud infrastructure like AWS or build their dedicated server center can also contract the right IT advisor and initiate the planning and transition process accordingly.

Smaller businesses often partner up with IT advisors when they don’t want to build an entire technical team in-house. In this case, the IT advisor acts as a part-time CTO or works alongside the CTO on initiatives outside of their core expertise.