Legal Experts


A legal advisor is essentially an in-house lawyer that specializes in providing advice on matters concerning the law applicable for the company (area, country, state, or even city in some cases).

Corporations often have a legal team comprised of legal experts while smaller companies have a legal advisor on-call whose primary tasks include the following:

  • Draft and negotiate contracts with vendors or clients
  • Ensure compliance with local and international corporate laws
  • Provide counsel for employee and management conflicts
  • Conduct legal analysis and research (especially for newer areas such as CCPA or GDPR)
  • Review acquisitions, mergers or negotiations and their legal implications across the organization (including possible non-compete clauses, non-disclosures, or possible monopoly cases)
  • Formulate legal responses to settlements of disputes
  • Monitor and refine the implementation of the legal clauses and policies within the organization

Legal advisors are particularly helpful in making sure that companies arrive with legally appropriate conflict resolutions whenever there are labor or contract disputes, compensation issues, harassment suits, and other employee and management conflicts.

Small to mid-sized businesses often can’t utilize a lawyer full-time (and it’s too expensive to hire one) which is where legal advisors are extremely helpful.

Additionally, legal advisors work with multiple businesses (often 15-20 at a time) and provide a broader overview thanks to their experience with other clients dealing with similar challenges.