Management Advisors


Management advisors are the strategic planners behind operations consultants (who are in charge of execution).

Traditional management consultants (and advisors) are MBAs who have spent a decade or more in the corporate space.

I’ve studied 500+ of them and over 80% fell in this category.

Funnily enough, this is mainly dictated by the background of “management consulting”. This isn’t a popular title in the startup ecosystem and most founders haven’t gone through this process in the first place.

Which is why a lot of traditional management advisors dive into a certain specialty for SMBs and startups and rely on the following titles instead:

  • Digital consultant
  • Growth strategist
  • Startup consultant
  • An advisor for startups
  • Business consultant for startups

Management consultants are expected to help organizations improve their operations performance, head analysis of existing organizational issues, and develop plans for improvement.