Operations Advisors


Operations consulting is a branch of management consulting that profiles in solving operational and efficiency problems within the organization.

Unlike the “bigger picture” component of the business strategy, operations concern the day-to-day activities in a business. Once the strategy has been established and distributed, operations advisors dive deeper into the execution components of accomplishing tasks, allocating resources, the practical workflows, revising the supply chain from beginning to end.

In a traditional manufacturing or eCommerce business, operations experts are invaluable in establishing the most effective workflows in production, shipping, warehouse management, logistics, and maximizing efficiency throughout the process.

In an agency’s context, operations consultants dive into the most expensive component of running an agency (staff, since salaries form the major expense) and the proper in-team management – anything from reporting through meeting scheduling, feedback reviews, day-to-day assignments for team members, the structure of a team, feedback loops, retention opportunities and efficiency paradigms for maximizing output or free time between projects.