Sales Advisors


Sales advisors navigate the sales processes within the organization—building in-house sales teams, streamlining the internal sales processes, improving the funnel development process with the marketing team, refining pricing, and more.

79% of consumers prefer interacting with salespeople who are trusted advisors. This is why it is crucial to have a trustworthy sales advisor in a company, whether in B2B or B2C.

And if you manage to hire an industry leader who is a known player in the space, this can facilitate your recruitment process, too.

The responsibilities of a sales advisor vary depending on the industry and the products or services offered by the company.

sales advisor

eCommerce businesses may count in a professional sales advisor in various areas:

Negotiating better vendor terms and delivery orders

Managing sales promotions, discounts, prices, and return terms 

Outreach for sales and partnership opportunities (including wholesale and retail)

Processing sales transactions alongside the team

Handling customer concerns and complaints for high-tier customers

Assisting in sales pitches and product presentations

B2B businesses can fully offload the sales process after the first several months and delegate sales meetings, trade show demos, and other strategic relationship deals to their advisor.

Nowadays, 50-90% of the journey of a buyer with a B2B company is complete before the buyer interacts with a sales representative. Although the nature of tasks differs, all sales advisors share a common goal: increase the likelihood of a sale by providing sales advice and creating an appealing environment for decision-makers.

Some of the common traits companies look for when looking for a sales advisor are:

Proven experience in the industry (preferably with other companies in the field)

Digital know-how for leading webinars or product demos

Customer-oriented and results-driven

In-depth knowledge of products and services advising on

Great communication and interpersonal skills

Great organizational skills

Team-building skills for nurturing an in-house sales team

Vision and product understanding enabling them to expand monetization opportunities together with executives