Strategy Advisors


eveloping a business strategy includes planning, workflows, action plans, and projections across every discipline of running your business.

Strategy is the high-level component of launching new products, opening new departments, hiring key leadership roles, and entering new markets.

Due to the broad set of disciplines covered in the scope of business strategy, advisors focus on the bigger picture. They often work alongside the CEO or the COO and collaborate with other niche consultants for specific initiatives (which we will review further).


The most important reasons businesses look for strategy consultants are:

  • Employing the right processes in new ventures
  • Aligning and optimizing processes or resource allocation internally (often together with operations consultants)
  • Safely launching new ventures without harming the rest of the organization
  • Validating initial concepts and business plans proposed by senior management

A key component in applying business strategy workshops successfully is conducting SWOT analysis horizontally (across the entire organization) and vertically (focusing on upcoming ventures or initiatives on the roadmap).